IEEE brings you researchers, developers, practitioners, policy makers, and other stakeholders, who grapple with the onslaught of terrorism around the world through direct application to present day threats, as well as those focused on future solutions. The conference will provide a forum to discuss ideas, concepts, use cases, and applications for both theoretical and real-world results for anti-terrorism activities that utilize technology.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Communications cybersecurity,
  • Weapons detection,
  • Biometric recognition,
  • Prevention of and response to terrorism with robotics,
  • Political and social intersection of technology and terrorist behavior.

Select a topic of your interest and send 200 word abstracts of your potential presentation to: Robert Alongi, IEEE-Boston,, 781-245-5405 by 1 March, 2018. The web site describing conference venue, travel information, hotels, etc. will show up very soon.

Organizing Committee:

Chairman – Len Long (IEEE-Boston);

Technical Chairman- Sam Mil’shtein (UMass);

Program Committee Chairman – Haim Levkowitz (UMass);

Logistics – Robert Alongi, (IEEE-Boston);

Website – Kevin Flavin (IEEE-Boston);

Secure Borders – Y. Pinhasi, (Ariel University, Israel;

Cyber Space Security– Haim Levkowitz (UMass) ;

Secure Transportation (trains, airplanes, cars, ships) – Len Long); Biometrics,

Methods of Securing Individual Documents – S. Mil’shtein(UMass);

Robots Against Terror A. Northon (UMass);

Internet Security of Academic Institutions and Commercial Companies – L. Wilson (UMass);

Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Terrorism Prevention – N. Shortland & A. Perliger (UMass);

Conference Proceedings A. Perliger (UMass);

Radio- “Science News”  C. Mason;

Student  Competition – S. Mil’shtein (UMass). K. Panetta (Tufts U.); F. Molinet (IEEE);  T. Kochanski (IEEE); M. Jackson (WH).